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University of Ulster

Jordanstown, Belfast, University of Ulster

OPEN was commissioned to provide masterplanning services for the University of Ulster’s Jordanstown Campus, situated on the north shore of Belfast Lough around five miles from Belfast City Centre. The University wanted to investigate the development potential of their site while retaining significant university uses. This necessitated a detailed investigation of the redevelopment potential of the 70ha campus and a new vision for the site which considers what legacy the University leaves and how new and retained uses can integrate with the surrounding communities to create a distinctive and attractive place.

The regeneration masterplan involved close discussion with the operational estates team at the University in order to determine how new uses could be integrated in and around an operational campus. Of the 70ha, approximately 30ha was to be retained for advanced sports indoor and outdoor facilities, 7ha was then designed for mixed use office led development, and the remaining 33ha was masterplanned as a new urban village, accommodating up to 600 homes plus new student accommodation integrated in to this new community. The project is currently being determined by the Local Planning Authority.