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Land at Waterton Farm

Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Stewart Milne Homes Ltd

OPEN was commissioned by Stewart Milne Homes Ltd to explore the potential of this 16 hectare site at Ellon in Aberdeenshire, The town is a key service centre within the Formartine area and is located within the Aberdeen Housing Market Area, Ellon to Blackdog Strategic Growth Area and at the heart of the Energetica corridor.

A vision workbook was initially produced which demonstrated, through appraisal of the site and its environs, the character and quality that could potentially be achieved at Waterton Farm. This work highlighted the opportunities that exist for the site to enhance aspects of Ellon, including the contribution that it can make towards an attractive entrance to the town, improved accessibility and open space provision.

Following on from the initial vision study, OPEN have recently prepared a response to the Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan, providing support for the allocation of 200 homes and other mixed uses.