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Greenwich Waterfront

London, LXB

OPEN were commissioned by LXB to prepare concept proposals for over 100 hectares of prime waterfront land at Greenwich, London. As a strategic development location, the site benefits from being positioned opposite a major world financial centre, is close to a world renowned historic centre and entertainment venue and has links to multiple major transportation hubs. The project involved a strategic review of the site starting with the historic growth of the area, the evolving regeneration context, planned development nearby and future opportunities within the planning context.

Key to understanding the site was an appreciation of the scale of the site and the potential for new and strengthened connections. The existing patchwork of land ownership was interrogated and a regeneration strategy prepared which balanced current proposals by others with strategic interventions on short, medium and long term basis. The final concept document presented an illustrative layout which set out high level place-making principles and land-uses including an evolving retail model, potential for educational institutions, employment and residential.