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Countesswells, Detailed Housing Applications

Aberdeen, Stewart Milne Homes (North)

Leading on from the ongoing work carried out for the Countesswells Consortium on the Countesswells site at Aberdeen, Stewart Milne Homes (North) have commissioned OPEN to progress detailed proposals for housing within two residential parcels of the initial phase. Identified as C1C2 and N10, these housing areas will be the first to be constructed within Countesswells and are intended to demonstrate the quality and aspirations for the new settlement. OPEN developed bespoke housing designs specifically for Countesswells, drawing from the local area in terms of materials and architectural details, whilst ensuring a particular identity emerges. A diverse range of house and apartment types are proposed, ranging from small ‘mews’ style units above garages, to large family townhouses with separate studio accommodation above garages. A pair of apartment blocks have also been designed as landmarks at the end of a linear park space associated with the Core path. The detailed proposals follow Designing Streets principles to ensure a pedestrian friendly layout.