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Westhill, Stewart Milne Group

OPEN were appointed by Stewart Milne Group to progress a vision for growth to the south of Westhill on land previously assessed as being the most suitable for development in the context of long-term growth of the town. The interlinked sites hold a strategic position in relation to existing and future road infrastructure and potential improvements and have the opportunity to be important gateway features to the town on the eastern approach. OPEN carried out a series of studies in relation to urban and landscape analysis of the existing town and setting with specific reference to potential growth areas to the south.

A vision for the sustainable growth of Westhill was outlined and supported with a high-level development framework to give an indication of how a new part of the town might grow organically from the existing ragged edge, taking advantage of the proximity to the existing town centre whilst also providing a quantum of development which would support additional services and functions. The strategic plan indicated the structuring open space and development pockets which might be realised and the required improvements to infrastructure and movement network.

The proposals have subsequently been submitted as representations to the Aberdeen City Council Proposed Local Plan and Aberdeenshire Council Proposed Local Plan.