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New Shore Park Design Competition

South Shields, South Tyneside Council

As an initial part their Riverside Regeneration Framework for South Shields, South Tyneside Council ran a competition for the detailed design and delivery of the first phase of New Shore Park. Having been selected through an open tender process out of over 150 interested teams, OPEN, in collaboration with local landscape architects Oobe, were ranked second out of the six submitted proposals.

The proposed scheme referenced the rich cultural and industrial heritage of the site, with past uses including glass making and coal transportation, while providing a flexible framework within which a range of events and activities could take place. Strong links and associations with the town centre and adjacent arts and culture facilities were made, influencing the character of the park.

Spaces and routes were formed using bold earthworks proposals, providing a variety of framed, referenced or wide views across the river depending on the elevation within the park. The series of sculptural mounds also provided opportunities for public art location, creating memorable visual focal points within the park, referencing past uses and encourage interaction and play.

Working with Speirs and Major, proposals for the lighting of the park were based around the provision of an infrastructure that facilitated a flexible approach to the lighting of the park, allowing it to respond to events, and providing a dynamic, safe environment after dark.

Planting proposals developed with Dr. Nigel Dunnett provided a bold 'New Wave' style scheme with low maintenance demands.