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Countesswells- Cults Burn Park

Aberdeen, Stewart Milne Homes (North)

OPEN was commissioned to design one of the major parkland spaces within the new Countesswells settlement. The Cults Burn Park passes through the centre of Countesswells, connecting Hazlehead woodland in the north east, through the core area to the south east. Design of the park aims to mix robust contemporary detailing with wild, ecological, species rich planting and areas of amenity grass for informal recreation.

It is proposed that there will be a variety of different public spaces along the length of the Cults Burn Corridor as it passes through the development, providing an organising element off which a variety of spaces are hung and connected by a wide range of paths of varied character.

The sensitive treatment and successful integration of existing features such as the Cults Burn (re-aligned and re-naturalised) and public rights of way will help define the Countesswells landscape structure. The proposed landscape structure has been defined to ensure the existing watercourse can be accommodated and respected in the layout. The Park will incorporate the SUDs facilities and the Cults Burn as part of the design, exposing and integrating the natural hydrological systems as part of the public space, adding to the character and diversity within the space.

The Park will have a naturalistic and informal character surrounding the watercourse with more formal areas located adjacent to residential areas for play and recreation. The spaces will provide valuable environments not only for ecological and hydrological improvement, but also for recreation and as a setting to the adjacent urban areas.

OPEN has developed the concept proposals through to tender stage.