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Capital Square

Edinburgh, Hermes / Parlison Properties

OPEN was commissioned as part of the team preparing proposals for the redevelopment of the existing Q Park site adjacent to Morrison Street, Edinburgh. The proposals look to introduce a new office building within the heart of the Exchange District.

Set back from Morrison Street, the main building entrance fronts onto a new formal ‘courtyard’ space. The proposals also include a more private garden space for use by those working within Capital Square. A new pedestrian route linking Conference Square with Festival Square is also included, and in combination with Chuckie Pend, an existing setted route, provides a variety of alternative routes for pedestrians to use and explore.

OPEN has worked with the client and design team to develop proposals that enhance the links and routes through this area, and provide an appropriate setting for the new architecture. This has included discussions with City of Edinburgh Council officers during the preparation of planning application proposals.