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Am Blár Mór + Corpach Moss Concept Landscape Masterplan

Fort William, Miller Developments

OPEN was commissioned by Miller Developments in 2009 to provide a concept landscape masterplan in support of a PIP application for a new mixed use development at Am Blár Mór + Corpach Moss, near Fort William. The landscape concept for the site looked to provide a simple, robust framework drawing on the character of the existing situation, and providing an appropriate setting for the new development. OPEN subsequently provided detailed landscape information for planning and tender, and were involved throughout the construction period of this now complete project.

The site at Am Blár Mór + Corpach Moss includes blanket bog and wet woodland habitat types. This provides a unique landscape within which the masterplan is located. The approach to landscape uses these, supplementing with other associated habitat types where changes have been made to the existing situation.

The movement of peat within the site resulted in localised changes in level, which have offered opportunities for dryer habitat types such as dry heath and dry heath woodland. The palette of plant material has been directly derived from the existing site situation with additional native species being used, appropriate to the new habitat types being created.