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West Linton Single Turbine

West Linton, Northumberland, Engena

OPEN was commissioned by Engena Limited to prepare a Landscape and Visual Appraisal (LVA) in respect of a single wind turbine at West Linton, near Ulgham, Northumberland. The proposed development consists of a single wind turbine with a maximum height to blade tip of 77 metres. The site is located in an agricultural landscape that has been influenced substantially by historic and ongoing mineral extraction. Industrial areas in the adjacent urban fringe also influence the landscape character, particularly through visibility of the Alcan Smelter Chimneys, Power Station and Lynemouth Wind Farm.

The LVA assessed how the proposed wind turbine would affect views in the local area and how it may affect the local landscape character. The landscape was assessed as having low sensitivity to small-scale wind power development due to the extent of human influence and the existing industrial influences. The mid-scale, sensitively sited wind turbine at West Linton related to vertical features in the existing landscape. The visual effect of the development was assessed using a ZTV indicating the proportion of the wind turbine visible and a digital surface model, which showed how urban development and woodland in the area reduced visibility of the wind turbine. The cumulative effect of the proposed turbine with other windfarms in the area, such as Lynemouth Windfarm, was also assessed in the LVA. The completed LVA report was published in a user-friendly illustrative format in support of the environmental appraisal and planning application to Northumberland County Council.