Reproduced from 1:25,000 Ordnance Survey digital map data © Crown Copyright 2013. All rights reserved. Licence Number 0100031673

Reproduced from 1:25,000 Ordnance Survey digital map data © Crown Copyright 2013. All rights reserved. Licence Number 0100031673

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Project Noble

Aberdeen, Argon Properties

Argon Properties (AP) approached Optimised Environments (OPEN) in August 2013 following a request by Aberdeen City Council (ACC) for a number of visualisations to illustrate the proposed ‘Project Noble’ building on Hareness Road along with a Visual Appraisal to form part of the planning application. Viewpoints were agreed with ACC, which has some concerns about the potential scale and prominence of the building on the skyline.

The proposed Project Noble building is located on a gap site on Hareness Road, which lies at the north-western corner of the Altens Industrial Estate and to the east of the residential area of Nigg. The Altens Industrial Estate generally lies to the south east of a minor hill ridge formed by Kincorth Hill and Tullos Hill. Parts of the south-west facing slopes of this ridge are open rough grassland and woodland with areas have been designated as a Nature Reserve and a Country Park. However, the large scale buildings along Wellington Road and around the edge of the East Tullos Industrial Estate create a visual link of built form between the lower lying developed areas and the large scale buildings on the edge of the Altens Industrial Estate. Some of these buildings are seen on the skyline, particularly from more distant or higher ground to the north.

The site of the Project Noble building lies on the opposite side of the Crawpeel Road/Hareness Road roundabout from the four storey Nexen Building to the east. Part of the plot has been laid out as hard standing for parking and other areas are rough grassland with some pioneer scrub and tree cover. Whilst larger in stature than many of the immediately surrounding buildings the Project Noble building reflects the scale and relationship to the road junction that the Nexen building has. There are many other large scale buildings within the Altens Industrial Estate including the nearby Petersen SBS buildings and the Aberdeen College Construction Training Facility.

Working with Michael Laird architects, who were the project designers, OPEN prepared a 3D model of the development in its context. Using this model, set within viewpoint photography, accurately dimensioned and positioned representations of the building were created for each of the viewpoints.

Preliminary visualisations were prepared to inform discussions with ACC in relation to the design of the building. The layout and form was subsequently modified and final visualisations showing the basic form of the building set in its context were prepared for eight viewpoints. Following the approval of the building amendments to its form were proposed and OPEN prepared further visualisations and an Addendum to the Visual Appraisal to address these changes. The amended scheme was subsequently approved by ACC and is now under construction.