© Crown copyright and database rights 2014 Ordnance Survey 10034870

© Crown copyright and database rights 2014 Ordnance Survey 10034870

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Nocton Wind Farm

Lincolnshire, Vattenfall

OPEN prepared the landscape and visual assessment chapter of the PEI report that was submitted in 2015 for consultation as part of the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects planning process. The proposed development included 20 turbines of up to 149.5m to tip along with an underground grid connection, sub-station and access route.

The site lay near to the villages of Nocton, Potterhanworth, Dunston and Bardney, approximately 12km from the centre of Lincoln and 15km from the Lincolnshire Wolds AONB. As well as the nearby settlements views from long distance routes, cultural heritage attractions and designated areas were of importance in the assessment. A residential visual amenity assessment (RVAA) was also undertaken by OPEN for all properties within a 2km radius of the turbines.

OPEN provided advice on landscape and visual mitigation through the design process and visualisations for the public consultation events. The LVIA also required a night time assessment due to the visible, flashing lights needed on the turbines.

Vattenfall is no longer pursuing a wind farm at Nocton due to changes in Government policy.