© Crown copyright 2015. All rights reserved. Licence number 0100031673

© Crown copyright 2015. All rights reserved. Licence number 0100031673

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Inverclyde Wind Farm

Inverclyde, LLP

OPEN was commissioned by 2020 Renewables in 2012 to undertake the Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment and provide landscape and visual advice in relation to a wind farm proposal to the south of Greenock in Inverclyde.

The site lies within the Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park and a previous wind farm application for 22 turbines had been refused there following an appeal in Check. A new scheme of 10 turbines of up to 110m was proposed. The effect on recreational users of CMRP, local residents and views from the settlements to the north and south of the Clyde estuary were key considerations in the assessment and the mitigation of effects. Photomontages were prepared by OPEN for cultural heritage viewpoints which included a Roman Fortlet. In addition, photomontages were also prepared for a number of local residents.

Following feedback on the application from consultees received in December 2013 OPEN was instructed to undertake a review of the layout and two turbines were subsequently removed from the north of the site in locations nearest to Greenock. Other turbine locations were also adjusted in order to create a legible layout where possible in views from sensitive receptors. Supplementary Environmental Information was prepared by OPEN in order to reassess the landscape and visual effects if the revised layout. At this time an assessment of the effect on the Waterhead Moor – Muirshiel Core Area of Wild Land was also undertaken and submitted as part of the SEI. OPEN provided visualisations and other materials for Public Consultation events and attended some of the events.

The application for the 8 turbine wind farm was refused on landscape and visual, cultural heritage and aviation grounds in December 2014 and an appeal was lodged in early 2015. The Reporter determined that a Public Inquiry should be held in relation to landscape and visual matters and James Welch appeared as OPEN’s expert witness.

The appeal has yet to be determined.