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Brough Head Wave Farm

Outshore Point, Mainland Orkney, Aquamarine Power/SSE Renewables

OPEN was appointed to undertake the Seascape, Landscape and Visual Assessment (SLVIA) for a proposed wave farm at Outshore Point off Mainland Orkney. The project would form the first phase of the Brough Head Wave Farm and use the Oyster technology, which is a nearshore wave energy convertor, typically deployed in 10 to 15 metres water depth. The Oyster technology continues to undergo commercial demonstration trials in Orkney at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) and information from these trials will inform the final design of the Oyster layout proposed for the Outshore Point project. It is proposed that the project will produce up to 50 MW using up to 50 Oyster devices. The project would be located in the agreement for lease area, off Mainland Orkney, in the vicinity of Outshore Point.

Work on the project has stalled due to current uncertainty in relation to funding