Pablo Lombardo


Born in Granada, Spain, Pablo studied Architecture at Universidad CEU San Pablo in Madrid and graduated in 2009 with the equivalent of a first class honours degree. Subsequently, he completed a two year Postgraduate Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture (MLA) at Edinburgh College of Art.

During his time as a student he participated in several internships both as an Architect and as a Landscape Architect, the two most relevant being Fundacion Metropoli in Madrid and working for Gross Max in Edinburgh. During his time in these offices he was part of the teams working on the “Tower of Heroes” in Bucharest and “Stone Towers” (landscape design) in Cairo respectively. Previous to this, as part of a three member team, he obtained first prize in a national ideas competition for the urban redevelopment of the area adjacent to the river Manzanares in Madrid.

Pablo joined OPEN in 2011 straight after finishing his Postgraduate Master Degree (MLA) in Edinburgh and became a Chartered Member of the Landscape Institute in 2015. His combination of Architecture and Landscape gives him an understanding of the unavoidable interaction between the two.

Throughout these years and due to the different nature that Architecture studies have in Spain (more a combination of Architecture and Civil Engineering), his training both theoretical and practical has covered a wide range of disciplines which include not only landscape and architectural design, but urban and rural planning, detail design, construction and building structures among others. Most recently Pablo has been greatly involved in Edinburgh’s World Heritage Site and/or Category A listed buildings of Quartermile, Donaldsons and the Royal High School.

Pablo Lombardo