Jo Phillips


Jo Phillips is dual qualified as landscape architect and urban designer, and is an Associate of Optimised Environments Limited (OPEN). Prior to her joining the office in early 2010 she was an Associate Director at AECOM Design + Planning (formerly EDAW). She has worked with other members of OPEN for over nine years through their transition from Lovejoy to EDAW and now as OPEN.

The past fourteen years of working experience have been spent covering a wide range of projects, including landscape and visual impact assessment, urban regeneration, townscape appraisals, design guidance and design training.

In respect of urban design projects, Jo’s role has been to manage and co-ordinate significant urban regeneration and masterplan proposals. This has required a thorough understanding of the role of urban design in respect of the planning and economic context and appreciation of the importance of process to secure successful implementation. Jo has developed an approach based on good communication and inclusion to engender a sense of ownership and ensure on-going success. Jo has also been involved in Design Awareness Training and the preparation of an Urban Design Distance Learning Course.

Jo has also been involved in the preparation and management of landscape and visual impact assessments (LVIA) as part of the ES process, for both wind farm developments and urban expansions, and townscape appraisals for city centre developments. She has also acted as a consultant to Scottish Natural Heritage in respect of wind farm developments.

Jo Phillips